Please Email us all your feedback, Thank you and God bless

Elijah Tours was an awesome tour group. They set everything up for us at reasonable prices and lead our entire 10 day excursion through Israel. The tour guides were great at answering questions we had and taking us to both the tourist and local sites. Israel is a wonderful vacation destination, and we highly recommend Elijah Tours!

Thank You and God Bless,

First Baptist Church ~ LA, USA


We had such a fabulous time on our day tour through Elijah Tours. We took the Jericho and Dead Sea day tour. We highly recommend this tour. It was filled with fun and information. It was also laid back and relaxing. We are excited to visit Israel again and schedule another tour with Elijah Tours.


Stephanie and Jon ~ Texas, USA


The ½ day walking tour of Jerusalem was amazing. In my opinion, you could spend an entire week in Jerusalem and never get bored. I loved all the religious history. It was really neat to experience some of the locations in the Bible in person. I will definitely be taking additional Elijah Tours in the future!

Thank You!

Dan Johnson ~ MO, USA


After experiencing the 7 day pilgrimage through Elijah Tours, I cannot image taking another trip to Israel with doing a tour. This was the most amazing experience I have ever had in my life! The group I was with was diverse. Elijah Tours went out of their way to meet everybody’s needs!

Thank You Elijah Tours,

Paul M. ~ Vancouver


My husband and I took a couple of the day trips with Elijah Tours for our honeymoon. We are a Christian couple who met through a Christian dating group. Christ has been an integral part of our relationship and growth, so we wanted to explore more during our honeymoon. Elijah Tours made it very special and memorable for us! We will be visiting again and doing one of the multiple day tours!

In Christ!

Julie & Peter W. ~ California, USA


Our trip to Israel was the experience of a lifetime. The multiple day tour with Elijah Tours was astounding. I am still in awe of all we got to see and explore. The trip was safe and the tour group provided us excellent instructions and guidance! Our group will be using Elijah Tours for all of our Israel journey’s in the future!

God Bless,

Hope Church (Pastor Robert J.) ~ New Jersey, USA


The trip through Elijah Tours was amazing. We had a small group of 10 and they took care of absolutely everything. They set up our travel arraingments, hotel accommodations, and tours. They even set up a baptism for us in the Jordan! Everything was well planned and very affordable! Thank you so much! You are all true blessings!

God Bless,

Jenny & Larry & family ~ Florida, USA


Holy Land provided us all the services we could possibly want or need. This tour group is amazing! I highly recommend them for all your travel needs into Israel. The tour we took was informative and fun! We will be using them again and again!


Vinny ~ Italy


Over the past several years our church group has taken several trips to Israel. We have used many tour companies, but none as wonderful as Elijah Tours. They took care of every possible arrangement for our group of 37 and stayed nicely within our budget. We had a magnificent Holy Land experience! This is our new tour company for years to come!

Thanks and God Bless,

Pastor Allen D. ~ Boston, MA., USA


Elijah Tours rocks! We spent several days in Israel and took several of the day tours. Our tour guide was knowledgeable, able to take us to what we wanted to see, and kept it light and fun. We did not have to worry about a thing! This is the way to travel and tour!


The Smith Family ~ WI, USA


I love Israel. I spent time in Israel over the years for different missions and such. I decided to take a tour trip to Israel as a graduation gift to myself from seminary. My wife and I had an amazing time. We booked our multiple day tour through Elijah Tours. The experience was amazing and the price was better than any other tour group!

Elijah Tours is a true blessing to travelers to this region! Thank you so much!

Sam and Laura K. ~ Minnesota, USA


What a wonderful experience. This was the best way to spend our vacation time and money. I have traveled throughout the world on vacations with my family. This was by far the best one yet! We will be using Elijah Tours for all of our vacations to Israel in the future!

Thank you!

Linda, Stan, Angie, and Jackson B. ~ WA, USA


Elijah Tours offered us every option we could have possibly wanted. We loved our custom designed tour. We got to choose each days activities and had a couple of wonderful guides to lead us for our entire vacation. They even made all travel arrangements for us. Couldn’t have been easier or more enjoyable!

God Bless You All!

Patty & Steve, ~ NC, USA


We loved our experience with Elijah Tours. We traveled with an older youth group from our church. We had 8 adults and 16 kids between the ages of 15 and 19. It was a great experience and we will be bringing more youth groups in years to come!

God Bless,

Pastor Dan ~ NV, USA


We enjoyed the 9 day holy land Christian tour so much! It was the best experience we have ever had as a family. We traveled with 14 family members from the ages of 2 to 67. Holy Land tours planned all of our accommodations and met the needs of everybody! It was perfect!

Elijah Tours is a travel blessing! Thank you!!

Maggie and Scott, England


What an experience! Thank you Elijah Tours for everything you did for us. We will be booking all of our Israeli travels through your group in the future! In one word, AMAZING!

God Bless,

Pastor Darrin L. ~ IL, USA


Holy Land tours did a wonderful job customizing our trip. My husband and I planned a wonderful 10 day family trip to renew our vows after 25 years of marriage. We traveled with 17 people ranging in age from 1 to 58. Elijah Tours set up everything including the vow renewal and a baptism for the 1 year old! It was a glorious trip!

God Bless You All,

The Fischer Family ~ WI, USA


I loved the experience I had with Elijah Tours. I traveled alone to Israel on a pilgrimage if you will. I wanted to be part of a group, but did not have a group to travel with. I contacted Holy Land and they added me into a pilgrimage tour they had set up! It was awesome! I had an extensive 7 day tour and had the opportunity to meet and fellowship with many other Christians.

God Bless,

William ~ GA, USA


Our church tour with Holy Land was amazing. We traveled from Scotland with 23 church members and had a custom tour for 6 days. Everything was perfect, well organized and lots of fun! Thank you so very much!

In Christ!

Elgin ~ Scotland


Our tour was a little bit different. We are a large Jewish family from New York and wanted to travel back to our homeland to learn first hand about our roots and culture. It was an awesome experience and Elijah Tours was extremely knowledgeable and helpful!

Thank You!

Aaron ~ NYC, USA


Elijah Tours provided us with an amazing opportunity to learn and explore in a well planned and safe environment! It was a great trip and we will be doing it again.

God Bless,

Lisa ~ MT, USA


This tour with Holy Land was so good! We traveled with a senior group from our home town. Elijah Tours took all of our needs into account when planning our custom trip. It was a lovely trip and the price was right! Thank you so much!

God Bless,

Joyce ~ NJ, USA


I am so pleased with our trip to Israel. We traveled for just one week (7 days total). We wanted to do some tours, but also wanted some down time. Elijah Tours set everything up for us and met every single need and desire. They customized our entire trip.

Thank you!

Lynette ~ TX, USA


Israel is a wonderful place to visit. Our church takes a trip there every couple years. We have used a couple different tour groups. We tried Elijah Tours this time around and it was by far the best Israel tour we have had. Elijah Tours is our new Israel travel company!

Thank you very much!

Pastor Duncan ~ SC, USA


Wow, our tour with Holy Land tours was so much fun! We enjoyed every aspect of our 9 day tour. I think we got to see everything in one trip. I am very excited to travel to Israel again and learn more!

God Bless,

Melissa ~ ND, USA


We traveled to Israel and picked up on a couple of last minute tours with Elijah Tours! They were great at fitting us into a tour they already had going out. We had a wonderful time and ended up doing 3 different day tours with them while we were in Israel! We will be booking a several day tour with them next time we go to Israel.


Leeza ~ Australia


We were on a short trip to Israel. The time we had was only a few days. We booked a day tour with Holy Land tours and it was lovely! We travel to Israel on short trips often, so we will be scheduling more tours with them! We currently reside in Turkey as missionaries.

God Bless,

Lenny and Marcy ~ Missionaries, Turkey


Our Holy Land Tour was great! We scheduled a customized two day tour and got to see and travel many of the paths Jesus traveled. Our tour guide was amazing! We were a little bit worried that it would be hard to understand the guide, but he spoke perfect English.

Thanks so much!



We had so much fun on our trip to Israel. Elijah Tours planned everything. We were able to see many of the sites on a custom tour, and then they set it up so we could spend a few days in Eilat for rest and relaxation. They handled all of our transportation, set up our flight schedule, and booked all of our hotel and resort needs! Elijah Tours offers a full array of services! We highly recommend them!

God Bless,

Suzie and Jarrod ~ France

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