Jerusalem, Israel


Jerusalem is probably one of the most well known Holy Land sites in the world. There is tons of text in both the Old and New Testaments in the Bible about Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. It is the biggest city in Israel by both amount of land and population. The current population of Jerusalem is over 760,000. Jerusalem occupies about 48 square miles.

Jerusalem is located in the Judean Wilderness between the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Jerusalem is considered a Holy City to the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Muslim.There are several Holy Land sites located in Jerusalem. Some of the most popular include the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo and the Israel Museum (home of the Shrine Of The Book).

Currently, the entire Israeli government is located in Jerusalem. This includes the Knesset (Israel’s Parliament), the Prime Minister’s residence, the President, and The Supreme Court.

There are tons of amazing things to see and do in Jerusalem. Tourists could spend their entire vacation exploring the wonders of Jerusalem. Jerusalem has plenty to offer tourists of any religion. Contact us for more information about Jerusalem. We would love to help set up a tour to meet your needs and desires!


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I am a native to Israel. I have two beautiful children and a wonderful wife. Our family is Christian, and we love the culture, history, and religious freedom Israel offers its people. Israel is a wonderful place to vacation. The tourism industry is one of the biggest industries in Israel. My family and I love to visit many of the 'tourist" attractions ourselves! Check out Israel! I am sure you will love it as much as I do!

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  • George 08:42 PM 08/2/2012

    Jerusalem is such a wonderful place to visit. My wife and I have been there several times, and most recently with our church this past month! We had such a great time on our Christian Pilgrimage. Holy Land Tours took care of all the details and did an awesome job!

  • Lorie 08:55 PM 08/2/2012

    Jerusalem is such a wonderful place. It is full of history! I love to visit this area and learn and see something new each time I go! Recently, I went with a church group and we were lead by Holy Land Tours. The day was full of wonderful biblical learning and great culture! Thank you so much!

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