Breathtaking Views And Amazing Aromas During Preservation Week

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Nature and Heritage Preservation Week is upon us and there are wonderful activities and adventures in the nature centers throughout Israel. Upper Galilee is a magnificent place to visit this time of year. The nature parks are magnificent throughout the year in Israel. However, now is a truly amazing and glorious time to visit because the lakes are sparkling and full of fresh water and the rivers are flowing beautifully. All of the plants and flowers are in bloom and you will enjoy glorious sites and smells no matter which way you turn.

Nature and Heritage Preservation Week

This week is Nature and Heritage Preservation Week and there are many awesome activities happening in the park reserves. It is a great time to spend some time enjoying the natural beauty God bestowed upon us. Adventurer’s of all ages will be thrilled with the sites and sounds of the Holy Land.

Many of the parks are free to the public during different times this week. The theme of Preservation Week is endangered plants this year. Much has been done over the past 30 years to preserve the natural beauty of this region, including Negev and Galilee. To get more information about the wonderful activities offered this week dial *3639 or visit

Check out some of the fabulous festivities and activities happening throughout the week.

Rafting In The Jordan River

Keep in mind that this is an extreme sporting adventure this time of year. It is probably not a suitable activity for children or for anybody with health issues. If you are an extreme sports enthusiast and you love the thrill of the ride, you will surely be pumped to experience Jordan River Rafting. There are times of the year and specific locations where family boating is possible and it is extremely enjoyable and relaxing.

If hitting the water is not something that you enjoy, but you would still like some heart pounding adventure, you should check out the ATV tours. You have your option of a guided tour on either a 3-wheeler or a 4-wheeler. You will zoom through the Golan slopes, hit some dirt and mud trails, and take in all the beauty this area has to offer.

Delectable Dining

After all of the adventure of the day, you are sure to enjoy a delicious meal at the Iskander. This kosher restaurant serves local Turkish delights! They offer several wonderful meal options including salads, entrees, and grilled meat choices. You will truly enjoy the flavors and aromas of the region at the fabulous Iskander restaurant!

Plenty Of Family Fun Left To Experience

If you would like to experience the calm, serene, and glorious pleasure of nature at its finest, you need to visit the Snir (Hatzbani) Stream Nature Reserve . This awesome place is home to magnificent flowing water falls, natural pools and springs, and gorgeous banks of green grass, and the frothy and foaming waters of the stream! The paths that lead through this area are handicap and stroller accessible. It is a calm and comfortable walk through this area.

In the past year they have opened up a bird watching area and bird sanctuary near the Tapline water reservoir. You will have the pleasure of observing several species of birds including ducks, cranes, and storks.

This area is also home to the newly remodeled Kibbutz Snir Suites. There are 18 fabulous rooms that offer wonderful comfort and beauty. They are located within walking distance of many babbling brooks, archeological sites, the hanging bridge, and Banyas waterfall. They also offer many fabulous amenities including kitchenettes, several beds in each room, and jet tubs  in each unit. Each room also has a porch that overlooks the awesome Hula Valley. The property also offers BBQ pits, a swimming pool, playgrounds, a kosher restaurant, and several sports areas.  If you are interested in staying at the Kibbutz Snir Suites, please contact us and we can help with your reservations.

Jeep Tours And More

If you are interested in touring this astonishing area with a guide, you will love a Jeep tour with Yosef Haglili. This local knows where to find the action, the local hot spots, and the fabulous historic sites that are not as common on the regular tours. You will enjoy fun in the sun, splashing in the mud, and zooming around the countryside!

If you are interested in shocking your system a little bit, you have to experience the ice cold waters of Horshat Tal. This is a wonderful place to take a dip and cool off from your busy and active day. The landscape is majestic and magical. You will be surrounded by huge and ancient Oak trees, as this is an Oak reserve. This is an amazing spot to stop for a picnic lunch or dinner!

Although this is a little jaunt from the rest of the fun, if you have time you need to check out Tzipori National Park. This park is home to many ruins from the ancient Talmudic and Roman eras. This National Park is located in lower Galilee, just a little bit west of Nazareth. The Mosaic floors of Tzipori are astonishing and this is truly one of those experiences you will never forget!

If you are in the Holy Land this week, you need to check out some of the fabulous National Parks and Reserves. The Holy Land offers something magnificent for everybody. Those that love nature and want to see the truly pristine beauty that God created need to check out the parks on their journey to the Holy Land. Contact us today to schedule your customized tour!


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